Sage against lactation

Sage against lactation

Often, many mothers who are breastfeeding their babies experience problems in painlessly ending lactation. This situation is far from all, but cases are not rare. If you need to urgently stop the abundant secretion of milk from the mammary glands, will help an effective folk remedy – sage to stop lactation. This method does not imply any side and contraindicated effects, while the use of ice or the waist of a breastfeeding woman can lead to injury.

Why try sage?

Increased milk secretion may cause inflammation of the breast, lactostasis. Do not leave this problem open. A remedy such as sage is not expensive or exclusive. This is a proven folk remedy. With prolonged lactation, its use in a short time, without side effects, will help to stop lactation.

Do not refuse to eat – it will reduce the amount of milk, but will entail consequences. Acceptance of hormones has many side effects – vomiting, dizziness, disruptions in the hormonal system, depression. Moreover, the decision to drink hormonal should be made strictly under the supervision of a specialist.

Termination of lactation with sage is probably one of the most beneficial and gentle measures. Its soft impact will not bring bad consequences to the woman and her child. It should be noted that sage is recommended not only “grandmothers in the village.” Its use has a clear scientific argument. This medicine contains substances approximately identical to the female sex hormones – phytoestrogens. These substances for many years include the practice of treating infertility, menstruation problems and other female problems. When a woman uses phytohormones, not only does prolactin decrease, which is responsible for the amount of milk secreted by the mammary glands, but also improves the coordination of the female body system.


Instructions for use

There are several ways to eat sage, and you can find it in the nearest pharmacy.

Natural Sage Oil

Buy it if you need to complete the lactation period as soon as possible. How to use: about 25 milliliters of oil dip, slightly soaked, gauze and attach to the chest for half an hour. With the rapid completion of lactation using sage such compresses do several times a day. Oil can be taken orally, but only if it is of high quality and can be used in food. Dosage – about 5 drops 4 times a day.

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Sage tincture

To do this, you can use sage bags or shredded plant. Instructions: pour 1 teaspoon of sage 250 ml of boiling water, leave for 60 minutes. Strain and consume the fourth part of a glass 4-6 times a day before eating food. Do not use tincture again – the next day. It is recommended to make a new one. When using bags: 2 bags of sage brew in a glass of boiling water, drink 50 ml of tincture all day, you can add honey.

Another effective method of consuming sage during lactation is decoction. Instructions: two cups of boiling water pour a tablespoon of dry grass. Next on low heat for ten minutes, hold the mixture. Take 1-2 tbsp. spoon about 5 times a day.

Everyone can find the necessary way for themselves. The only thing worth remembering is that when an urgent stop of lactation at a time when the child no longer sucks the breast, you can use oil, extract or alcohol tincture. For women who have time for a mild process of stopping lactation, the best option would be to use decoctions and infusions of low concentration.

Yes, sage is a unique remedy. But there are also disadvantages. In pregnancy, epilepsy or inflammation in the kidneys, the use of sage is strictly prohibited. In case of allergies or urticaria, this herb should not be used either. The best solution in this matter would be to consult a doctor. If you have not found any contraindications, then sage against lactation is a proven, effective tool that will allow you to eliminate problems without the appearance of new ones.