Pillows for newborns

Pillows for newborns

For every parents, of course, the health of their children is very important. And one of the main factors affecting health is sound sleep. And what will give such a dream, no matter how dense the food and good bedding.

Today, there are many types of pillows for children, in particular, for newborns. There are no options whatsoever – pillows from buckwheat, orthopedic pillows, butterfly pillows, etc. And it is very important to choose the right pillow, because the butterfly pillow is suitable for one child and the other can sleep on a regular one. But how to choose? In this article, we are more in detail talk about pillows for newborns.

What to look for

As you know, there is an opinion that a newborn should not sleep on a pillow, as the child turns over in a dream and may suffocate, turning on his stomach. But on the other hand, if the baby sleeps without a pillow, then his head is in the wrong position. So what to do?


First you need to consider in what position most often your child sleeps. Choosing a pillow is worth a few weeks after giving birth, because during this period you can properly study the behavior of the baby during sleep. Next, you should take into account the size of the bed, the material from which the pillow is sewn, the filler, and another important item is to read the instructions for use.

Choosing a pillow correctly is not difficult; the main thing is to follow the established rules when choosing it and paying attention to all the nuances, including the postures in which your child usually sleeps.

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Orthopedic Designer Pillow

One of the most effective is considered orthopedic pillow design. It is suitable not only for a strong, healthy baby sleep, but also it is possible to get quite comfortable on it during feeding. In addition, this pillow has a number of properties necessary to ensure comfort.

Orthopedic Designer Pillow


Firstly, the orthopedic pillow design does not allow the baby to slip from it if it is tossed. It also prevents the curvature of the spine and the development of scoliosis, provides a complete fixation of the child’s body, in whatever position it is and does not allow the baby to fall and get injured.

Thanks to all these characteristics, the designer pillow not only provides one hundred percent healthy sleep to the newborn, but also improves digestion, which together leads to good physical and mental development.