Nutrition For Weight Loss

Nutrition For Weight Loss

For those who want to lose weight this article will be useful. After all, here we offer a menu for the week, which helps to reduce weight. A diet based on proper nutrition aims to supply the body with all the necessary nutrients and trace elements and to teach yourself to create your daily diet, guided by certain principles.

What principles should eat to lose weight?

Because of the existing available foods containing fast carbohydrates (polysaccharides) and fats, as well as food additives that can stimulate the appetite and are addictive to junk food, the culture of eating changes. A constant desire to quench the feeling of hunger, leads to the appearance of extra pounds. Following the basics of proper nutrition, a person does not gain excess weight, and with an increase in physical activity, fat reserves decrease, due to increased energy costs.

Weight loss with the help of proper nutrition is quite possible if you consume fewer calories per day than it takes to implement any physiological process.

Nutrition For Weight Loss:

There is a choice:

  • PP, in compliance with the norms of caloric intake of foods consumed by the human body per day (can be calculated, taking into account age, height, body weight, sex and degree of activity) and, accordingly, an increase in physical activity.
  • Reducing calorie intake.

Nutrition For Weight Loss:

The main task of the system of proper nutrition is to replace food with a high level of calories and low nutritional value with useful products, and also to exclude “snacks”. At the same time, the portions should not be sharply limited, as well as the volume of food.

Adhering to the basics of proper nutrition, you can maintain and restore health. Researchers have long proved that if you want to eat this or that dish (product), this does not mean that the body lacks the substances it contains. For example, if you like fizzy drinks, this does not mean that the body does not have enough carbohydrates, but rather a signal of a lack of calcium. Accordingly, dairy products should be added to the diet, not Coca-Cola.

Examples of not very useful products that should be replaced:

  1. Uncontrolled consumption of bread from high-grade flour, as well as baking, indicates a shortage of nitrogen, which can be replenished by adding nuts, legumes and beans to the diet .
  2. The love of chocolate and cocoa products suggests that magnesium is not sufficiently supplied to the organs. Consumption of cabbage, baked potatoes, seeds, nuts and beanswill help to correct the situation .
  3. Fans of sweets need chrome and slow carbohydrates. Solution: add fruit, barley and any cereal porridge to the diet .
  4. Those who usually pereselivaet food and loves salty foods , is deficient in sodium chloride and calcium. Sea cabbage, cheese and cottage cheese will help to fill these microelements.

Nutrition For Weight Loss

So, according to what principles should eat to lose weight?


  • To exclude semi-finished products, fast-food, sparkling water, store sweets, sausages, canned food, chips. Prohibited products with the addition of monosodium glutamate (flavor enhancer), a large amount of sugar or its substitutes.
  • Limit salt intake.
  • Every morning, after waking up, you should immediately drink 250 ml of warm water in slow sips.
  • Meals should be cooked in a double boiler, food can also be baked, boiled, stewed. Fried foods – remove.
  • In the diet, 1/5 is fresh fruit with vegetables.
Product selection
Product selection
  • It is almost absolutely impossible to exclude the consumption of fast polysaccharides, they will be replaced by products with slow ones: cereals (except “instantaneous”), bread (whole grains or second-grade flour), first-grade pasta, and sugar-free vegetables. Eating berries, fruits and honey, which contain fast carbohydrates, is allowed in the morning and afternoon.
  • A kilogram of weight should be a gram of protein.
  • The volume fraction of liquid – at least 2 liters per day, do not forget about a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal.
  • Meals containing polysaccharides are best consumed before noon, protein-containing foods after.
  • The fifth part of the daily diet should be unsaturated fats.
  • Food taken every 4 hours. The final reception – 3 hours before bedtime. It is allowed to have a snack between main meals (maximum of two – kefir or apple).
  • Do not combine dishes from potatoes and pasta with protein foods.
  • Do not change the time of the meal, in the process do not get distracted, chew carefully, do not rush: thus, the food is better absorbed and a feeling of fullness arises faster.

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Menu for the week: losing weight right

First day

  • We have breakfast: vegetable mixture, buckwheat, we wash down with green tea.
  • For lunch we have: a banana-pear combination, a glass of kefir (1-2%).
  • We have dinner: boiled chicken (fillet), well stewed vegetables, also a portion of fish soup, dried fruits in the form of compote.
  • We have supper: with a mixture of fresh or steamed vegetables with a bran loaf, we drink tea.

Nutrition For Weight Loss

Second day

  • We have breakfast: oatmeal, poured with white yogurt, apple and sour (or pear), drink a cup of “espresso”.
  • Lunch: curd mass, a cup of tea with wild rose.
  • We eat: vegetable soup with grits, a portion of unpolished rice, fish (bake in the oven) and vinaigrette, washed down with compote.
  • Lunch: handful of dried fruit, washed down with white yogurt.
  • We have dinner: grilled beef with vegetable addition, we drink tea.

The third day

  • We have breakfast: “Hercules”, baked apple and a cup of “espresso” or green tea.
  • Lunch: white yogurt, a few nuts (the product is healthy, but at the same time, high-calorie).
  • We have lunch: borsch, mashed potatoes, fish schnitzel, drink 250 ml of juice.
  • Snack: a portion of the fruit mixture (any) with crackers without additives.
  • We have dinner: vegetable stew with a slice of ham, we wash down with tea.

Fourth day

  • We have breakfast: cottage cheese casserole with the addition of candied fruit, tea or “espresso” with toast.
  • Lunch: apple, white yogurt.
  • We have lunch: borsch, buckwheat (on water) with chicken schnitzel, drink a glass of compote.
  • Lunch: nuts and dried fruits in small quantities + white yogurt.
  • We have dinner: salad with boiled chicken fillet and a glass of tea.
We are painting for a week
We are painting for a week

Fifth day

  • We have breakfast: sweet dairy rice porridge with dried fruits, drink tea or “espresso”.
  • Lunch consists of: banana, a glass of kefir or white yogurt.
  • We have lunch: vegetable soup, a portion of mashed potatoes with meat goulash plus a salad / vegetable mixture, a glass of juice / compote.
  • Snack: cottage cheese, toast, crackers with cocoa.
  • We have dinner: a vegetable mixture, boiled fish plus a portion of white yogurt.

Sixth day

  • We have breakfast: vegetable mix with an omelette, toast with a cup of “espresso” or milk tea.
  • Lunch includes: a portion of white yogurt, 2 pineapple rings.
  • We have lunch: chicken and vegetable soup, boiled chicken fillet + portion of vinaigrette and a glass of compote.
  • Snack: cottage cheese with the addition of a small amount of sour cream and dried fruit – no more than 1 handful
  • We have supper: boiled chicken and vinaigrette, washed down with compote or tea.

Seventh day

  • We have breakfast: oatmeal with one of the sweet fruits, a cup of “espresso” or tea.
  • Lunch: galetny cookies, crackers without impurities (can be replaced with toast), a cup of tea.
  • We have lunch: buckwheat soup, meat with a vegetable side dish (bake in the oven), drink a glass of compote.
  • Lunch: fruit (whatever) with white yogurt and a cup of tea.
  • We have dinner: a portion of vegetable salad with brown rice and boiled fish / meat plus a cup of tea.

Weight Loss

Choosing a similar method of rational nutrition, you come to the fact that your body is provided with all the necessary vitamins and beneficial substances for normal functioning. And, having reached the desired body weight, it is not recommended to return to the old eating habits – it will be quite easy to “sit” on this diet, it will easily become your lifestyle.