Lemon Juice For Weight Loss

lemon juice for weight loss
lemon juice for weight loss

Lemon juice is suitable for lovers of sour. It invigorates, refreshes, gives energy. Lemon juice is useful not only for weight loss, but also for the whole body.

Lemon juice is not obtained in a juicer, but manually. Squeeze juice out of lemon, then dilute with water and drink. Water takes a lot more than the juice itself. This is due to the fact that lemon juice is very sour and, under certain conditions, can harm the body.

How to take lemon juice for weight loss?

There are several ways to use lemon juice for weight loss:

  1. All known water with lemon in the morning on an empty stomach. To prepare it, a glass of water squeezes out the juice of half of the lemons and drinks half an hour before breakfast. Such a drink pleasantly invigorates, gives energy. Water with lemon with regular use helps to lose weight by 1 kg per week. The fact is that water, entering the body, fills the stomach, so the next meal (if it will be less than 30 minutes) a person eats a lot less food. Lemon juice also increases blood sugar levels, so the feeling of a wild head disappears.

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  1. Drink on lemon peels. Drink lemons on crusts or zest is also popular. For its preparation, a 1.5-liter jug ​​is poured, and zest or chopped rind of three lemons are added to it. This drink is suitable for fasting day, as well as a substitute for ordinary water.
  2. Lemon drink with honey. For those to whom lemon juice seems unbearably sour, it was invented to be diluted with honey. Just imagine: the beneficial properties of lemon and purified water in combination with the most valuable product – honey. This is not just a drink for weight loss. This is a drink for the rejuvenation, cleansing and restoring the body. It is taken for detoxification.

Lemon juice is not recommended for people with liver, pancreas, kidney, gastritis, ulcer, pancreatitis.