How and When can Newborn Drink Water

How and When can Newborn Drink Water?

There is a lot of controversy about the need to give water to the newborn. In this article, I suggest you find out when a child needs water, what kind of water, how and when to give a baby.

As soon as a woman has a baby, the question of the need to give her child water soon arises before her. Even doctors do not give an unequivocal answer, because the experts of the old school confidently say that water must be given, moreover, regularly, and modern medicine adheres to the opposite point of view. In fact, it all depends on many factors, referring to which you need to make decisions. For example, the type of feeding, time of year, age and health of the baby matter.

How much should a newborn drink?

The need for fluid is individual for each child. What matters is nutrition, physical activity, climate, height and weight of the newborn, as well as his state of health.

If you decide to give water to the newborn, then you should proceed from the formula 100 ml per 1 kg of weight per day. Moreover, 100 ml is the total amount of liquid, which includes milk, a mixture, dill water, for example. That is, directly to clean water accounts for no more than 80-100ml per day.

It is necessary to take into account the wishes of the child: if he refuses to drink water – forcibly pour it all the same is not worth it. If your child has not drunk and 50ml per day – most likely he does not need more, because each organism is individual and has its own needs.

Is it possible to feed a newborn with water?

The medicine does not recommend water for babies at least up to three or four months, unless there are special indications. In cases of disease, supplemental feeding, artificial feeding, the need to give water is considered individually.

If you give water to a newborn from the first days of life, it can lead to failure to eat or to disorder digestion, as the stomach of the newborn is small and water can cause the child to have a false sense of satiety.

In the hot season or in a heated room, you can give a little water if necessary, and the need for water may arise when feeding with mixtures. A small amount of warm water will help your baby cope with hiccups.

Important: It is necessary to give water during dehydration of the baby’s body, which is easy to determine by rare urination, dryness of the tongue.

When can I start drinking water for a newborn baby?

It is recommended to begin to give water on breastfeeding from 4-5 months, with artificial – almost from birth. This is due to the increased protein content in the mixtures. Lack of fluid can lead to constipation in a baby. If you started to water your baby, follow a few recommendations:

  • Do not give too much water, the baby grabs a few teaspoons at a time.
  • Water is better to give after feeding.
  • At elevated temperatures, the need for water increases, increase its volume by about 30 ml per day.

Each baby is different, so trust your maternal instinct and watch the reaction of your child to determine if he needs water and how much.

How to feed a newborn?

  • If you are breastfeeding, it is better to drink the baby with a spoon or a pipette, because regular use of a bottle with a nipple can lead to whims at the breast or complete rejection of it. Even if the hole in the nipple is minimal, it is much easier for the newborn to drink through it than to suck milk, so he may like the easier way and he will lose the sucking reflex.
  • On artificial feeding, you can safely use a bottle, it will even facilitate the introduction of complementary foods in the future. If the temperature of the mixture should be about 36 ° C, then the water can be made cooler – 25-29 ° C in the first couple of months and about 20 ° C in the future
  • The main thing in the process – the desire of the baby. If a child spits, chokes, refuses to drink water, then you should not force it, do not insist or try to give water later
  • Do not give water to a crying baby; it may choke or swallow air, which can lead to colic. First calm the newborn, then give water
  • It is best to feed the baby after a meal or in the intervals between feedings.

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What water to water the newborn?

There is a misconception that boiled water is ideal for the baby, but this water is not safe at all. There are bacteria in it, and the chloride compounds in the water do not add any benefit.

Water from wells and open sources can conceal a lot of unpleasant surprises, it can contain nitrates and harmful substances from the soil. Do not experiment with the health of the baby.

In order to make the baby drink, do not be lazy to get bottled baby water. It is tested and meets all requirements for the content of substances:

  • Minerals <250mg / l
  • Calcium <60mg / l
  • Potassium <10-20mg / l
  • Magnesium <10-30mg / l

Important: Do not store water for children. The shelf life of bottled water after opening is no more than two days in a cold place.

If you often water your child with water, feed him with mixtures or boil him with compotes, teas, herbal tea, get a baby filter for water purification. He successfully removes substances and compounds harmful to the child, besides one cartridge is enough to process about 150 liters of water.

The benefits of dill water: when to give dill water to a newborn?

You may encounter a common problem in the newborn – intestinal colic. They can begin with the second week of the baby’s life. The child becomes restless, crying, can with the legs pressed. To relieve pain and improve digestion, try giving your child a decoction of dill or fennel.

With a lack of fluid, the gastric juice thickens and cannot cope with the digestion eaten by the baby. Dill water dilutes it and helps the child’s body to cope with gas.

For children up to a month it is recommended to make a fresh decoction at each reception. You can also give dill water to prevent problems with the tummy, it will not do any harm. Give a teaspoon decoction 3-4 times a day for babies up to two months. In the future, increasing the dose, consult with your pediatrician.

Can a newborn be given raw water?

You can not give the child raw water, it contains chlorine compounds that are detrimental to the child’s body. Even if you have filters installed – purified water suitable for adults is contraindicated for a child.

Do I need to give the baby water while breastfeeding?

  • When breastfeeding there is no need to feed the baby with water for several reasons:
  • Breast milk is 90% water and fully satisfies the baby’s need for fluid.
  • Mother’s milk contains all the necessary substances and enzymes for the proper formation of the child’s body and digestive organs
  • If for any reason the child needs more fluid, he more often asks for the breast, therefore, receives more so-called “front” milk, less saturated and thirst-quenching baby
  • The more a newborn drinks water, the less he eats milk. As a result, the baby has malnutrition, and the mother’s amount of milk decreases.
  • Water can disrupt the microflora of an incompletely formed intestine, which can cause dysbacteriosis.

Everything that mom eats gets to the baby with breast milk, so after taking salty or spicy foods the baby may need to drink.

Thus, it is not recommended to give water to a newborn for breastfeeding without special indications for up to three months, but from the age of four months you can begin to drink the baby with water – this will not cause any harm and does not threaten with rejection of the breast.

What if the newborn does not drink water?

If the baby refuses to drink water – do not insist. Most likely the reason is that water simply does not need his body. If before that you regularly watered your child with water – perhaps right now he does not want to drink, try to drink it later.

To give the water a pleasant taste, you can add a little fructose (up to 0.5 hl per 100 ml) or replace the water with dogrose infusion. Starting from four months, you can offer your child apple juice, which, moreover, helps to cope with constipation.

Important: Do not teach your child sweets to avoid problems in the future.

How to drink a newborn baby: tips and reviews

  • If a child’s mucous membranes are too dry, he rarely pees and the urine becomes dark in color and has a strong odor – give the child as much water as he can drink, do not limit it. A newborn feels that his body needs
  • If you doubt whether it is worth giving the baby water – see how many times he pees. The rate for a newborn is up to 20 times a day, and the amount of urine should not be much less than the amount of liquid received.
  • If, for no apparent reason, the child eagerly drinks water, drinks more than 100 ml per day and asks for more, consult your doctor. This increased thirst can be a sign of diabetes or another disease.
  • After six months with the introduction of complementary foods, give water from a spoon or pour it into a mug. Do not bottle water