Diarrhea in a child: what foods are allowed?

Diarrhea in a child: what foods are allowed?

There are cases when diarrhea in a child appears suddenly, for no apparent reason. In fact, the onset of diarrhea can be many different factors. This may be a disease of the digestive system, damage, various poisonings and infections. The first rule to follow when detecting diarrhea is diet. To make a list of permitted products for this period of time will help the doctor. If a child has such symptoms as fatigue and lethargy for a long time, a stool with pain, accompanied by copious discharge of blood and mucus, cannot be delayed – go to the hospital immediately.

The diet of the child with diarrhea

In no case do not feed the child through force. After the “first wave” of symptoms, it is quite possible that there is no appetite. With excessive intervention and forced feeding, the desire to eat can disappear altogether.

So, in the diet in this case, products with a laxative effect should be completely excluded. Products such as are excluded:

  • dairy products and milk itself;
  • vegetables;
  • mushrooms;
  • bakery products, especially fresh ones;
  • smoked meat;
  • pickles;
  • fat meat;
  • pickles and canned foods;
  • a fish;
  • yogurt

Those are all products with fermentation properties that increase the work of the intestine and the secretion of bile in the body.

What is allowed to have with diarrhea?

For a quick recovery and normalization of the body after diarrhea in a child, it is recommended to add lactic acid products, broths, foods with fiber restriction to the dietary list. If the child still does not show a great desire to eat, it means that the infection has not left completely, affecting the intestine with the stomach. The body is at the stage of “regeneration”, and excess food can trigger new bouts of vomiting, diarrhea and, as a result, the complete absence of the desire to eat something. Such a turn of events in the future may not appear in the best shape. Therefore, it is best to wait until the digestive system returns to normal and the child himself asks for a supplement.

Often, after a diarrhea, a person begins to eat lost pounds – there is nothing wrong with that. The main thing is to listen to the wishes of the child in the food – so the body fills in the missing components. Only you need to carefully give products that can cause diarrhea again.

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What should be given to a child with diarrhea?

The most correct decision in such a situation would be dieting. What is she like?

  1. Initially, it is worth quite a while to refuse to eat. Gradually, you can start taking (in small portions) boiled rice, you need to drink water in which rice was cooked.
  2. What you need to strive for in the diet? With a diet, try to fill the necessary elements and substances. So the body will begin to recover faster, but you do not need to go too sharply to normal diet. One of the beneficial, permitted foods for diarrhea are bananas. From juice you can drink apple. Vegetables – potatoes, but only boiled.
  3. Croutons and stale white bread, lean meat – chicken, turkey, rabbit or veal, lean fish very quickly help the child cope with diarrhea. The way of cooking dishes is steamed, and before serving food you need to grind food. Kissels and weak tea are welcome. No soda and other drinks with sweeteners.
  4. From the dairy product range, only dairy products with low fat content are allowed.
  5. No smoked and fatty foods, it is better to replace them with soups and porridges, which have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal mucosa.
  6. An excellent option for diarrhea are baked apples. Perhaps, having tried it once, the child will enjoy such a dessert.

Always remember, do not gorge on the night. Even without diarrhea. The stomach also wants to relax at night. If there is no rest, he can announce himself. Porridge (especially oatmeal and rice) is a true friend of the stomach and intestines. Try cooking oatmeal for every child’s breakfast and not overload it with heavy food at night. And then the condition of your baby will noticeably improve in all respects!