Physical Development of a Child in 2 years

Physical development of a child

At the age of 2 years in children there is a sharp leap in skills. The crisis of two years of age is associated with this, when a child becomes moody and manifests its character. In this article we will talk about the mental and physical development of children 2 years of age, as well as their skills.

Physical development of a child in 2 years

Regarding physical development, boys at this age are more agile than girls. They more actively run, jump, also climb on the stairs, actively behave on the rides and the playground.

It is at this age that you need to spend most of your free time at sports fields and children’s play complexes. A child can jump, run and load the muscles of his body. It helps to strengthen the muscular system and the spine.

Baby skills at 2 years:

  • He can run, jump, jump over obstacles up to 20 cm high.
  • Climb the stairs with the help of an adult or with support
  • Jump on one foot for a short period of time
  • Compared with the year, the two-year-old baby is much more agile, more active, strives for independence

Encourage your child if he wants to be independent.

Physical development of a child in 2 years

The development of fine motor child in 2 years

It should be understood that the age of 2 years is very important in the development of fine motor skills. The fact is that it is at this age that active speech develops.

Develop fine motor skills:

  • Since speech centers and fine motor skills in the brain are close to each other, stimulation of the development of small movements with fingers and hands contributes to the development of speech.
  • It is worth not to miss this moment and optimally prepare the child. For this suitable classes with small objects. This is drawing in the sand, modeling kulikov in the sandbox.
  • The simplest option is sorting out rice, as well as cereals, making applications from cereals and small items.
  • Tearing pieces of paper is an exercise that soothes the nerves and develops fine motor skills of hands.

Physical development of a child


  • Please note that children 2 years can not fasten buttons, zippers. At this age, the child has not sufficiently developed small movements with his fingers.
  • Therefore, such work cannot be done, but they are already trying to hold a pencil or pen in their hands.
  • Please note that a 2-year-old child can independently rub hands on each other, and also wipe them after washing with the help of adults.
  • In addition, the child can drink from a cup, hold her tightly in her hands. And he does it without spilling liquid.
  • The kid tends to hold on to the handle, well owns a spoon and fork.

Speech skills of a child in 2 years

Children 2 years can speak well, and not speak at all. This is not a violation of speech development.

Features of speech development:

  • The fact is that at this age not all babies have an active vocabulary. That is, children do not use all the words that they know, but it is precisely passive vocabulary that can be well developed.
  • Baby understands, recognizes speech. Therefore, if your child does not speak at 2 years, do not worry. Talk to him and see how he reacts to your words.
  • If the child understands what they are talking about, he brings you a toy, a doll, a dog, or shows a nose, mouth, eyes at the request, and also indicates hot or cold objects, nothing to worry about. The child has an excellent passive vocabulary, but so far he is not ready to pronounce them.
  • On average, children 2 years of age actively use from 40 to 100 words. It often uses lightweight phrases such as Lala, Baba, give . Can use phrases and short sentences of three to four words.
  • They can swallow letters and not quite correctly pronounce them. To worry about this is not worth it. Only a neurologist can delay speech development only if the child does not understand when they are addressed by name, does not respond to the appeal, and also does not understand what they want from him, even if the adult speaks in simple words.
  • No need to compare your child with a neighbor baby of the same age. Speech development is very individual. The most interesting thing is that many babies who started speaking earlier, at the age of up to one year, by the age of three may not develop their skills enough. Unlike those children who didn’t say anything for almost two and a half years. For many children, speech develops abruptly.
  • It happens that a child under 3 years practically did not say anything. To achieve this age began to apply and speak long sentences and complex phrases. This is explained by the fact that the child had a very developed passive vocabulary, but he was in no hurry to use it.

Emotional development of a child in 2 years

A child aged 2 years is very emotional. He expresses all his emotions. If he is angry, he cries, expresses his displeasure. If someone offended him, he might come up and strike back. If something is not liked, expresses his anger and aggression.

All this is quite normal and characteristic of children of two years of age. The main task of parents is to teach expressing emotions through socially acceptable methods, that is, with words or influences that can in no way harm or frighten others.

Emotional development


  • Please note that a child at that age begins his socialization in a team. Therefore, it is favorable time to drive a child to a playground with a large number of children, or to give a little time in kindergarten.
  • Leave literally at 2 o’clock, this will help the baby learn to behave in society. The child will understand that it is better to agree with him, do not quarrel, argue and swear.
  • The situation in the family should be favorable. In this case, the child will always be in a good mood, good-natured, cheerful. His behavior is predictable.
  • If the child is often nervous and whining, constantly naughty, in this case you need to go to a child psychologist or review your behavior. Because as it may further affect the mental and physical health of the baby.
  • A child aged 2 years must be friendly, cheerful and active. Constant moods, bad mood adversely affect his condition in the future. Please note that at this age, children actively check the boundaries of what is permitted, so they can test the patience of the mother, as well as the people around them.

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  • They constantly climb into dangerous situations, they are led by a cognitive interest. Very often, children of this age are naughty, screaming, screaming in the store asking them to buy something. Do not indulge the child, and discuss with your husband or relatives, who often walk with the child, upbringing. It is necessary that the behavior was the same.
  • It is impossible for a grandmother to acquire everything that a child wants, and mom and dad forbid it. Necessary consistency, methodical in raising children. It is at this age that it is very easy to spoil a child, then in the future he will not understand what is possible, what is impossible. And also will not realize that parents may not have enough money for such purchases, which the child asks, but they are not planned.
  • A child at the age of 2 years may show interest in others, easily makes friends, does not hesitate to approach other people’s children, to get acquainted with them, to communicate. In addition, it is worthwhile to be normal about the fact that a child cannot sit in one place for a long time, one monotonous game quickly becomes boring.
  • At this age, it is quite normal if a child cries when you refuse him or prohibit something. The kid is happy when you allow or acquire something. He is very attached to his parents, he usually doesn’t move away from his mother, he always searches with his eyes, even while playing with the children on the playground.

Social skills of a child in 2 years

Social skills are of paramount importance. This applies not only to children who go to kindergarten. Because in an institution there is no way for mom to help dress or put on shoes. Therefore, the child should do it all on their own.


  • The child should independently hold a cup, a spoon, it is good to use these objects. Independently eat and drink, can wash, wash hands, with the help of an adult brush your teeth.
  • Independently yet does not own this manipulation. It can put a hat on itself, of course it is done incorrectly, it can put it upside-down or backwards. What is also the norm. Attempts to remove and put on socks and mittens.
  • He asks for a pot, but for the time being he cannot hold in himself for long Therefore, be prepared for the fact that if a child somewhere for a walk asked you to go to the toilet, then you should not delay it. Because the child can relieve the need directly in the pants.
  • The kid is trying to put on larger things, such as jackets, T-shirts, until he is very good at it, because the child confuses his right and left hands.
  • At this age, the physical development of the pot. Most of the two-year-olds, with their normal development, go to the pot well. Of course there are misses. Do not scold the child, it is quite normal that he still does not fully control the process.
  • But even if your child does not speak at this age, he gives signs that he wants to go to the toilet. Boys can touch the groin area, say the word pee, or take off their own pants. Although this happens in rare cases, because children of this age still do not dress well enough on their own.

physical development

Cognitive skills, thinking of a child in 2 years

Great value is given to cognitive skills, as well as thinking. Now is the time to choose a technique in order to develop a child.

Basic skills:

  • A child at this age should collect a pyramid of 6-8 rings, place cubes on each other, as well as collect simple structures, such as turrets or pyramids.
  • It can also distinguish up to 8 colors. It’s not necessary for the child to pronounce them. You can ask your child to show him objects of this color, and he will show you.
  • Distinguishes the simplest geometric shapes: a triangle, a square or a circle. It also distinguishes where small, large, warm, cold or thick.
  • The child easily puts one object into another. For example, the doll. Also, the baby can independently collect puzzles, which consist of 2-4 elements. At this age, children repeat well, so it’s time to do the learning of dances with them.
  • If the child speaks, it can also be a poem. More attention should be paid to the physical activity of the child, because at this age it is the norm that the stomach bulges forward. It is also normal if the child has folds on the legs and arms. Over time, adipose tissue is replaced by muscle.
  • At this age, the kid likes to imitate the behavior of adults. Therefore, babies often repeat. Be careful, do not swear, utter swear words. In the future, your child can repeat everything. Be a good example for him.

Children aged 2 and older may differ in their development. Moreover, this is not always associated with pedagogical neglect or lack of parental care. Closer to 6-7 years old children are aligned in development, if not run and constantly engage with the baby.