Baby Massage Procedure

Baby Massage

Massage for infants is a must-have procedure that forms emotional calm and general strengthening of the growing body of the baby. Regular massage favorably affects the bones of the child and promotes its growth. Such procedures should be carried out daily, starting with the first month of life of the newborn.

Purpose of baby massage

Taking into account the established diagnosis, different types of massage actions are applied, which cause positive effects on the skin and bone structure of the child. Changes can be noticed after several massage sessions.

Massage for infants of therapeutic effects is necessary to improve blood circulation in the body, and you need to focus on problem areas. This kind of session helps to normalize the work of the heart and the vessels proceeding from it. With the existing problems of the musculoskeletal system, such a massage normalizes all activities occurring in the body of a baby. It is better to entrust treatment-and-prophylactic measures to a specialist, so as not to injure the immature bone structure of the newborn with incorrect movements. However, such manipulations can be performed independently.

Action contributes to:

  • self-turning on the belly;
  • crawling;
  • self-lift, holding the handrails of the bed;
  • movement.

Healing massage movements improve digestion, eliminating colic in the stomach after drinking milk. Massage to infants, aimed at preventive purposes, helps to improve respiratory function; increases appetite, stabilizes sleep and wakefulness.

Preventive massage for infants has a positive effect on the increase in the protective functions of the immune system. These types of procedures are prescribed by a pediatrician and are held in the children’s massage room. You can spend it for all young children who do not have special contraindications.

The rules of a good baby massage

For self-directed massage activities, mothers should use the rules on how to massage the baby:

  1. If the pediatrician has given permission for a massage, you can start it from the third week after birth.
  2. The mood of the baby – if he is in a restless state, it is better to postpone the action.
  3. For the massage should be prepared place, the most favorable for the convenient location of the baby. This may be a changing table or the flat surface of the sofa. The temperature in the room should be within 25C.
  4. Woman’s hands should be soft and warm. Conducting actions, if there are long nails, is not recommended – by them you injure the skin of the infant, which will lead to a restless state of the infant. If your hands are cold, warm them under water before a session.
  5. Use a small amount of cream formulations for the session. To do this, it is better to use baby oil in minimal quantities.

Baby Massage rule

Before proceeding with the procedure, make sure that the baby is at rest, he is not disturbed by anything, he is fed and the temperature in the room contributes to the session.

You should not carry out the action if the child is tired and begins to fall asleep. In this case, make a massage after he wakes up. The procedure performed after bathing will have a beneficial effect on the skin tone and overall health of the baby. A warm bath will relax the nervous system and muscles, which will provide an additional relaxing effect from the procedure.

Baby Massage technique

To carry out the procedure is as follows:

  1. Start the massage from the baby’s neck with a smooth transition to the forearm.
  2. The chest begins to massage from the center to the sides.
  3. Legs and feet warm up in a clockwise direction.
  4. For the back requires rotational motion without affecting the vertebra.

At the end of each massage session, you can see positive changes in which the baby begins to intensively touch the legs and make crawling movements.